Origin of the company name

Just as the creation of the concept of zero in India led to the later development of mathematics, by creating completely new concepts and ideas, we aim to bring about revolutionary changes in the world, and that is why we named our company +zero.


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  • 技術
  • 東大
  • 修士
  • 平均年齢
  • 残業
  • リモート


Awards received by members

  • AI

    • Competition

      1. Kaggle Master
      2. Three-time winner of image recognition contest
      3. SIGNATE (Japan's largest machine learning competition platform) 1st place overall
    • Statistics

      1. Best Performance Award in Statistics Test Level 1
  • IT

  • Hardware

      1. Second place in the time trial division of the Bird Man Contest Team participation
  • Other

      1. Won the Backgammon World Youth Championship 2020

About Us

Company name pluszero Corporation
Address Senda Building 4F, 2-6-10 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 155-0031 Japan
Representative Yoshiyuki Ojiro/ Ryota Mori
Establishment 2018/7/10
Capital stock 100 million yen
Business Description Provision, development, maintenance, operation and sales of solutions that integrate AI, natural language processing, software, hardware and other technologies, as well as consulting services related to these services.
Number of employees Number of full-time employees: 44
Total number of employees: 127 (As of December 2020)
認証 ISMS認証 ISO/IEC 27001:2013