The future and value that pluszero envisions with AI. What is the vision to create the fourth big wave?

Ojiro will talk about pluszero's new vision and mission, as well as the value of the business, with a view to the future.

What is pluszero's future vision?

Our company's vision is defined as "Expand the human potential."
We decided on this because we believe that "we should seize the greatest opportunities on our own and make a big impact on the world."

I feel that our age is being driven by technological innovation, including the Internet.
How we perceive the rapidly changing world is up to us, and I believe that we were born in a fortunate era in the sense that we can survive the turbulent times with our own wisdom. Especially to AI, I believe that it will not end up being a boom, despite the controversies.

AI is said to be in its third boom, and if you look around the world, it is not uncommon to see trillions of dollars being invested in it.
With that many resources being invested, innovation will not simply run out of steam.

One of the reasons why the AI boom has died out in the past is because of the performance of the hardware. Hardware performance has often been the bottleneck in running algorithms and theories.
But now, in terms of the computational resources that go into building learning models, the pace has surpassed Moore's Law, and things like quantum computers are just around the corner.
Therefore, hardware will become less and less of a bottleneck in the future.

In line with deep learning, which is at the center of the third boom, we are trying to create "an engine that can understand meaning like a human being."
We have shown a solid roadmap for this, and I believe that we can create the fourth wave by ourselves. At the same time, I also believe that we can expand the human potential with AI as the core.

It is often said that Japan is facing a declining birthrate and aging population, and that the outlook is bleak.
However, we believe that the use of robots and chatbots equipped with the engine we are developing, "AEI," will increase the productivity of society as a whole, which in turn will increase the disposable time and disposable income of humanity, and make all people happy.

The most important thing in today's world is knowledge. We aim to be giants of knowledge.

pluszero's mission is "We are innovative, to bring new possibilities into the world."
Our company is practically run by a three-top management team, me and the other two. Mori and Nagata received their Ph.D.
I have a grand vision that seems to be a delusion at first glance, and the two doctors are working on realizing that delusion step by step while keeping an eye on the future.
Therefore, I am quite conscious of the balance between the vision and the roadmap of reality. In today's business, the management team needs to be able to read papers in order to differentiate themselves from others.
I believe that we are living in a world where cutting-edge technology plays a very large part in business strategy. The reality is that you cannot win without novelty and impact.

In order to bring new possibilities through innovation, it is important to understand the content and create new ideas at a level where you can write papers.
I would like to have a firm grasp of the fact that we are now in a society where we can innovate through scientific knowledge, and I would like to have an attitude that continues to emphasize knowledge as our mission.

pluszero's values are expressed in the phrase, "Be a professional and unique."

I think our company's value is symbolized by the phrase, "Be a professional and unique."
In fact, "unique" is the name of the company I ran before I joined pluszero.
I believe that it is important to create a situation where unique professionals in various fields can come together to form an organization and possess the knowledge necessary to bring about major innovations.
"Be a professional and unique" consists of three things: "Be a challenger.", "Be quick and sharp.", "Dig into your passion."
"Be a challenger."
As an organization, we have a strong desire to create the future by our solutions. As for the company's operations, a large part of our investment is focused on creating "world firsts", but we know that innovation cannot come from an easy path to success.
We are a fairly young organization, but all of our members have achieved great academic careers. In other words, I am proud to say that our members are like "the Japanese representatives of intellectual martial arts."

It is precisely because we have achieved so much that we want to take the initiative in creating world firsts, and we have the conviction to continue doing so, even if it means generally considered difficult.

I think most companies will say, "We can guarantee up to this level, or we can take on up to this level" within the scope of what they can see.
However, we are a company that takes the stance of "create the roadmap for creating the future together". To this end, we will maintain our stance of "we will not shy away from challenges" and develop our business strongly.

"Be quick and sharp."
Today, global competition is intensifying in every field.
With innovation advancing at an ever-increasing pace, it is obvious that the outcome of the competition depends on how speedily we can do each thing. Just like in sports, I believe that doing things with speed & accuracy will determine our success.

"Dig into your passion."
More than 80% of pluszero's board members are former instructors of the Next Generation Leader Training School that I used to run.
The entire organization is enthusiastic about learning, and since the leaders were also on the side of teaching learning, the entire organization has a common understanding that we can create innovation centered on learning.

The essential conclusion is that no matter how stoic you are in your efforts, you will never be able to beat those who are crazy about it.
I believe that one of the keys to making an organization strong is to make the most of the fact that it is an organization, and to allow each member to learn what they are passionate about, enhance their expertise, and catch up so that they can sublimate it into business.


Representative Director, Chairman/CEO
Yoshiyuki Ojiro

Yoshiyuki Ojiro graduated from the University of Tokyo with a B.S. in Chemical System Engineering.
After graduating from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tokyo, Yoshiyuki Ojiro worked for top Japanese and U.S. IT companies such as NTTDATA and Microsoft, as well as for INSPiRE, a corporate turnaround fund and venture capital firm.
For 17 years, he has been working at Unique, a company he started himself, where he has been involved in launching businesses that utilize cutting-edge technologies in areas such as IT, AI, genetic medicine, next-generation education, and system trading.
He has made it his life's work to train the next generation of leaders and has produced more than 30 presidents so far.
He became the president of pluszero in June 2020.