Technology & Talent Portfolio

Why is it possible for pluszero to provide solutions that other companies cannot? Mr. Mori, President and Representative Director, talks about the areas in which we excel and our strengths.

Provide a comprehensive service from issue discovery to AI development and IT system maintenance

In addition to AI development itself, a dedicated task force has been formed for upstream "management consulting" and downstream "IT system development," enabling the use of in-house information system departments as if they were outsourcing.

Secure a pool of talent in a wide range of advanced fields

With a pool of 120 full-time and part-time professionals, we are able to assemble the most appropriate teams for a wide range of projects.

Pursuing the creation of new value by utilizing a variety of technologies

Rather than packaging mature technologies, we create business value by developing new technologies in-house.

Six areas of expertise

  • 自然言語処理
  • 画像・動画処理
  • 価値分析
  • ビジネスプロセス分析
  • データマネジメント
  • ITシステム・ハードウェア開発



Cross Talk 7 Development of AI teaching materials integrating paper and digital


Keirinkan is an emerging publisher of science, mathematics, and English textbooks and materials for elementary through high school. In conjunction with the revision of the Courses of Study, the company has released "AI Tutor Zero," a digital teaching material linked to textbooks. We spoke with the company about the development of this application and the functionality that was made possible by pluszero.


Cross Talk 6 <TRUSTBANK, Inc.> Improving the search experience through customer understanding and proposal skills

TRUSTBANK operates "Furusato Choice," a portal site that allows users to freely choose where to pay their taxes according to the amount of donation and the thank-you gifts they want. In order to make the site easier for users with various backgrounds and thoughts, they worked with pluszero to improve the search algorithm. We talked to them about the reasons for the collaboration and episodes during the development.


Cross Talk 3 < FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD.> Challenge to the practical use of automatic detection by AI image analysis

Following in the footsteps of the automobile industry, where automated driving is becoming more and more common, the world of shipping has also begun to work towards automated navigation. As part of the unmanned navigation demonstration to achieve this goal, pluszero has been working with Furuno Electric, a global manufacturer of marine radars, on research and development of AI-based image analysis.


Cross Talk 2 <CAREER CO., LTD.> Engineers interact to realize the system.

CAREER is a company with a large number of registered senior staff. Due to the nature of the company's business, all information is exchanged in paper-based format, making it difficult to accumulate data and complicating operations. In addition to the OCR system that reads paper-based information, pluszero proposed a new system that even those who are not comfortable with digital technology would be willing to use, thereby improving the operational efficiency of the back office.


Cross Talk 1 <ABIST Co.,Ltd> Taking on the challenge of automating vehicle authentication operations with AI and OCR

ABIST has made a huge impact on the industry with the development of an automated vehicle authentication system that uses AI and OCR. However, when the business plan was first started, it did not go very well. We interviewed them about the factors that led to the success of their system, which has achieved "efficiency improvements" supported by the field, and how it was developed.

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