An internal system that can handle areas where there are few predecessors. Integrated services from issue discovery to maintenance

Why is it possible for pluszero to provide solutions that other companies cannot? Mr. Mori, President and Representative Director, talks about the areas in which we excel and our strengths.

Providing one-stop AI utilization services from issue discovery to maintenance and operation

One of our value is that we not only solve problems based on given issues and data, but we often participate in the planning stage to determine what problems should be solved in the first place.
We then define the requirements, build the system, and provide comprehensive services, from what kind of system to put on to the final maintenance and operation.

Having a comprehensive support system means optimizing project costs, while at the same time committing to the success of the customer's DX and business development. This approach to development is the driving force behind our strength.

Capable of handling a wider range of processes and fields than typical AI/IT vendors

In our company, members with diverse backgrounds work together to solve problems by combining various mathematical tools and strategies.

For example, I specialize in bioinformatics, which involves solving biological problems using information analysis.
Other members of our team have various specialties, including image processing, natural language processing, discrete mathematics such as complex networks and graph theory, management engineering, and hardware.

We have formed a task force dedicated not only to AI development, but also to upstream "management consulting" and downstream "IT system development," and we are proud that our greatest strength is that you can use us as if you were outsourcing your in-house information system department, and that we can propose highly unique solutions.

Fields with few precedents are where our strengths lie.

Our company has a desire to create business value while developing new technologies in-house, rather than packaging mature technologies. The basis for our ability to handle a wide range of processes and fields is probably due to the fact that we are particularly good at certain areas.
These are (1) "natural language processing," (2) "image and video processing," (3) "value analysis," (4) "business process analysis," (5) "building data management infrastructure," and (6) "building IT systems and hardware".
(1) Natural Language Processing
Our proprietary engine can be used to analyze natural language in a meaningful way, including automatic inference and summarization, knowledge extraction from linguistic information, and building flexible chatbots.

(2) Image and Video Processing
Image and video processing is a field where research has been particularly advanced in recent years, and although similar methods exist and can be developed smoothly in some cases, in practice it is not always so simple.
We have many members who have won top prizes in image recognition competitions many times, and we will find effective solutions to problems for which there are few similar examples by focusing on the ingenuity of our experienced members.

(3) Value Analysis
Value analysis, such as "optimization of pricing targeting ROI" and "estimation of human resource capacity and demand analysis," is another complex area.
Demand analysis, in particular, is sometimes a very difficult task, but we hope to contribute to the business by helping to select the right solution.

(4) Business Process Analysis
In "Business Process Analysis", we organize business flow and KPI of existing business processes and factorize them to discover areas that can be improved using mathematics and AI, and support DX.

(5) Construction of Data Management Infrastructure
Even if you want to apply AI or think you can apply AI, there are cases where you do not have a realistic data infrastructure in place. In such cases, we propose a system for data acquisition and storage from the perspective of future utilization.
It is also possible to build a method to protect privacy and anonymize data, while simultaneously performing data mining.

(6) Building IT Systems and Hardware
We develop systems and website applications that run stress-free on any platform, including smartphones, PCs, and specific hardware, according to the needs of our clients.
In this development, we try to maximize the synergy by combining AI engines appropriately.


Representative Director, President/COO
Ryota Mori

Graduated from the Department of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, Faculty of Science, the University of Tokyo, and completed the doctoral course in Computational Biology and Medical Sciences at the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, the University of Tokyo.

As a JSPS Research Fellow (DC1), he is engaged in biological information analysis using statistics, applied mathematics, and machine learning at AIST CBRC.
He is familiar with machine learning and various other mathematical algorithms, and has led the theoretical construction of projects such as the development of ability tests using Bayesian statistics, risk estimation based on personal genomes, and automatic recognition of text and images.