Yosuke Asakawa

Board Member

Yosuke Asakawa

My mission

In my daily work, I often feel members' enthusiasm for technology, and I have a strong desire to help pluszero make discontinuous changes by utilizing their technology.
Personally, I would like to take on the challenge of improving operational efficiency and achieving a high level of forecast and actual management by incorporating artificial intelligence technology into the business management field.


Graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering, the University of Tokyo.
Participated in pluszero as a student intern engineer and experienced as a project manager in multiple projects.
At the same time, he deepened his knowledge of accounting and passed the CPA exam while still in school in June 2019.
I have been working at my current position since June 2019, utilizing my understanding of the business and accounting knowledge.


I have always liked foreign soccer and support Manchester United. Recently, I have started listening to the radio and watching variety shows. I often go to the sauna.