Eiji Uda

Outside Board Member

Eiji Uda

My mission

I would like to contribute to a better understanding of AI in general, and to achieve a clear track record in the field of natural language processing within AI, which is pluszero's specialty.


He has been a director of IBM Japan, President of Softbank Commerce, EVP, Salesforce.com Inc. and President and CEO of Salesforce.com Japan, and realized the world's largest business in each company. (Currently) Founder and Chairman CEO of Unified Services, Inc. and Chairman of YEXT Japan, and Outside Director of several other companies. The most important thing in business is to be trusted and not to betray that trust. As a result, I have been able to achieve various successes with the support of many people. I have been in my current position since October 2020.


Maintenance, renovation, and landscaping of a villa in Karuizawa. Entertaining the people who have taken care of me there with the food I have cooked for them in return. Golf.