Akira Noro

Executive Officer

Akira Noro

My mission

I believe that my mission is to create businesses that will change the world with the technology that our engineers are developing.
My immediate goal is not to end up as a group of engineers who boast high technical skills, but to grow pluszero into a company that turns both technology and business.


After graduating from the Faculty of Business and Commerce, Keio University, he joined Recruit Communications as a new graduate and worked in the HR field for 7 years, where he was in charge of various areas such as mid-career recruiting support, organizational development, and management accounting within the department. He joined pluszero in November 2019, and has been in his current position since November 2020, utilizing his knowledge from his time at Recruit.


I am a goalkeeper on my former company's futsal team. I have enjoyed a wide range of sports, including baseball in junior high school and track and field in high school.