Cross Talk 2 <CAREER CO., LTD.> Engineers interact to realize the system.

CAREER is a company with a large number of registered senior staff. Due to the nature of the company's business, all information is exchanged in paper-based format, making it difficult to accumulate data and complicating operations. In addition to the OCR system that reads paper-based information, pluszero proposed a new system that even those who are not comfortable with digital technology would be willing to use, thereby improving the operational efficiency of the back office.


Cross Talk 1 <ABIST Co.,Ltd> Taking on the challenge of automating vehicle authentication operations with AI and OCR

ABIST has made a huge impact on the industry with the development of an automated vehicle authentication system that uses AI and OCR. However, when the business plan was first started, it did not go very well. We interviewed them about the factors that led to the success of their system, which has achieved "efficiency improvements" supported by the field, and how it was developed.

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