Revamped Corporate Website - Communicating thoughts and ideas through interview content with partner companies and employees

pluszero (Head office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; hereafter referred to as pluszero), a company that provides, develops, maintains, and operates solutions for various technologies such as AI and natural language processing, has revamped its corporate website (https://plus-zero.co.jp/), which went live on November 30 (Monday).

Background of the Corporate Website Renewal

Background of the Corporate Website Renewal
Since its establishment in 2018, pluszero has been sincerely addressing the challenges of customers in a variety of industries with the vision of "expanding the human potential".
Now that our organizational structure has been strengthened with 127 employees※, we hope to continue to innovate together with our customers.
We have renewed our corporate website to convey our past projects and the thoughts we have put into them.
※Total number of employees

Corporate site concept

pluszero is an AI company where each member has a management mindset.
We have released a video interview on the site to let people know about our efforts with our collaborators and the thoughts that have emerged from those efforts.
We have also prepared a video interview with board members, focusing on the members who have integrity and solid technical skills, which is one of the strengths of pluszero. The contents of the site will help you feel familiar with the "people" working at pluszero.

Introduction of corporate site's main contents

Videos and articles of interviews with three board members

CEOs Ojiro, Mori, and Nagata explain the vision and solutions of pluszero through video interviews and articles.
They also talk about pluszero's strengths, areas of expertise, and future prospects in depth.
Interview Video
Interview articles

"Cross Talk session" with partner companies

"Cross Talk session" with partner companies
Cross talk sessions with partner companies working with pluszero are introduced in video and articles.
In addition to an overview of the collaborative project, the video also touches on the details of how the collaboration came about and the process of working together.
"We will continue to update the Cross Talk session as needed.

Company Profile

Company name
pluszero Corporation

100 million yen

Name of representative
Yoshiyuki Ojiro / Ryota Mori

Business Description
Provision, development, maintenance, operation, and sales of solutions that integrate various technologies such as AI, natural language processing, software, and hardware, as well as contract and consulting services related to these.