Service Overview

We will develop and implement chatbots that automatically respond to questions and applications from customers on websites and applications, and also develop and implement chatbots that support call center operators in answering questions.

Service Features: Provides chatbots with high level of automation

With our unique language technology that judges the similarity of sentences, pluszero can answer questions with a certain degree of notation variability. While other companies generally provide chatbots at the level 1 or 2, pluszero provides chatbots at the level 2 or 3, based on the results of its own research on natural language processing.


Real Estate

Target company's issues

There were many people involved in real estate sales, which was inefficient and caused lost opportunities.

Implementation of pluszero

Chatbots were partially used to respond to customers. The chatbots are able to respond to a certain amount of notation variability, and only those interactions that are difficult to respond to are handled by humans, which has resulted in increased efficiency.

medical care

Target company's issues

Spending a lot of time answering questions from patients about their symptoms, and was not able to make suggestions that fit their symptoms.

Implementation of pluszero

The chatbot is now able to efficiently respond to questions and close proposals by incorporating existing FAQ lists and setting up scenarios that include past interactions for product proposals.


Target company's issues

It took time to respond to inquiries from stores and to give repair instructions to the field and workers.

Implementation of pluszero

We categorized question patterns based on the frequency of existing conversation data, designed and implemented scenarios based on call center interactions, and realized the automation of inquiries and repair instructions using chatbots.