pluszero and Keirinkan jointly developed digital teaching materials linked to textbooks "AI Tutor Zero” -A new and personalized learning experience through AI materials that fuse paper and digital

pluszero Corporation (headquartered in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; "pluszero"), a company that provides business consulting and services through AI and focuses on the field of natural language processing, has entered into a partnership with Keirinkan Corporation (headquartered in Osaka; "Keirinkan"), a publishing and development company of educational and learning materials, to develop a new educational system for students. The AI application "AI Tutor Zero" has been jointly developed to optimize individualized learning by suggesting "problems that really need to be worked on" according to the student's learning status.

Background of "AI Tutor Zero" Development

Keirinkan has been publishing textbooks and teaching materials from elementary school to high school, but with the education industry undergoing major changes, such as the desire for individualized and optimal learning, we decided to take on the challenge of a new approach. In this context, several members of pluszero's predecessor company had worked as cram school instructors, and we began discussing the possibility of utilizing AI and IT technologies in education, which led to the development of the product.

What is "AI Tutor Zero"?

AI Tutor Zero" is an application that streamlines learning using textbooks. It has a function that analyzes where the student is stumbling based on the questions he/she makes mistakes in the question booklet, and suggests questions that are appropriate for the student by going back through the unit. Instead of recommending similar problems to the ones the student made mistakes on, it identifies the factors causing the mistakes and recommends related problems to help the student understand the essentials of the subject.
 Students solve the problem book (paper-based) as usual, and by taking pictures of the results with the app, the AI will suggest questions that match the student's situation. By solving those problems, students can overcome their difficulties.
AI Tutor Zero is equipped with three types of AI: the first is text recognition technology used when students take pictures of the question booklet in the app; the second is question analysis, which identifies the factors that cause mistakes in each question; and the third is recommendations, which provide recommendations based on the factors and learning history of questions in which students have made mistakes. Based on the results, the system suggests problems that the student should solve, going back to units studied in previous grades.
In addition to the application for students, we also provide a separate management site for teachers that allows them to check the learning history and progress of individual students.
 AI Tutor Zero will initially be launched for high school mathematics, but is expected to be expanded horizontally to science and English, and vertically to elementary and junior high school fields. We will continue to work on the growth of the application as well as the enjoyment of learning for the students who use it.
A detailed service introduction of "AI Tutor Zero" is as follows (in Japanese)
An interview with Keirinkan about “the development process of this project” is posted below.

■pluszero Company Profile

Company name          :pluszero Co.
Capital                          :100 million yen
Representative            : Yoshiyuki Ojiro, Chairman and CEO / Ryota Mori, President and COO
Business Description :Providing various technologies such as AI, natural language processing, software, hardware, etc.
Providing, developing, maintaining, operating, and selling integrated solutions, and
and consulting services incidental to the above.
URL                               : https://plus-zero.co.jp/

■Keirinkan Company Profile

Company Name   :Shinkoshuppansha Keirinkan Co.
Capital                   :100 million yen
Representative     : Satoshi Sato
Line of Business   :Publication and development of educational and learning materials
URL                         :https://www.shinko-keirin.co.jp/