pluszero and ABISTO Expand Business and Capital Alliance to Promote AEI

pluszero Corporation, (Head office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, hereafter referred to as "pluszero"), which provides business consulting and services through AI and focuses on the field of natural language processing, has expanded its business and capital alliance with ABIST Corporation (Head office: Mitaka City, Tokyo, hereafter referred to as "ABIST"), which is engaged in machine design, system and software development. (headquartered in Mitaka City, Tokyo; hereinafter referred to as "ABIST"), a developer of machine design, systems and software, to expand the contents of the business and capital alliance with the aim of promoting "AEI (Artificial Elastic Intelligence)".

What is "AEI (Artificial Elastic Intelligence)" proposed by pluszero?

"AEI (Artificial Elastic Intelligence)" is a concept originally proposed by pluszero, which focuses on the field of natural language processing, and refers to "AI that can perform tasks like a human in a specific and limited range of tasks." Instead of "AGI," which is considered to be difficult to achieve with current AI technology, pluszero is aiming to realize "AEI," which is a technology that can perform tasks at a practical level by focusing on specific conditions.
 In April 2021, pluszero applied for a patent technology based on "semantic understanding AI," which is the foundation of AEI. Going forward, the AEI will be realized by advancing the research and development of "semantic understanding AI" that can understand human language at a high level through a series of initiatives. "The goal is to commercialize AEI in three to five years, and to have it in full-scale use in five to ten years. 
For more information about AEI, please visit: https://plus-zero.co.jp/aei

Business and Capital Alliance with ABIST

Initially, we formed a business alliance with ABIST in September 2018 and a capital alliance in December 2019, but in August 2021, we expanded our business alliance, as they agreed with pluszero's stance of aiming for the realization and diffusion of "AEI". The aim is to further strengthen the cooperative system between the two companies for the realization and diffusion of "AEI".

Specifically, we will apply AEI to the manufacturing sector at an early stage, and aim to further improve the productivity of the design process in the manufacturing industry through collaboration between ABIST's design support technology for the manufacturing industry, 3D CAD, and AI/IT-related engineers, and pluszero's engineers who are strong in AI for "semantic understanding", centering on "AEI".
In this application of "AEI" in the manufacturing industry, we aim to undertake the entire process of a part of business in the form of business process outsourcing in the future by arranging the conditions.
In addition, by combining ABIST's technology, which has overwhelming expertise in 3D CAD, with pluszero's "AEI," we will accelerate the development of a high-quality simulation environment using 3D models, and we will also work with a view to collaborating on the use of "AEI" in a multimodal environment that combines verbal and visual information to a high degree.
Through the realization of "AEI", pluszero will continue to bring the adoption rate of AI and robots to the highest level in the world, and contribute to the realization of a society where people can focus on more human-like activities, and a society where disposable income and disposable time can increase due to improved productivity.

pluszero Company Profile

Company name:pluszero Corporation
Capital:100 million yen
Name of representative:Yoshiyuki Ojiro(Representative Director, Chairman CEO) / Ryota Mori(Representative Director, President COO)
Business Description:Provision, development, maintenance, operation, and sales of solutions that integrate various technologies such as AI, natural language processing, software, and hardware, as well as contract and consulting services related to these.
Vision:Expand the human potential.
Mission: We are innovative, to bring new possibilities into the world.
Values: Be a professional and unique.
Advisor: Eiji Uda (Product Market Fit Adviser), Former Founder and Chairman of Salesforce.com Unified Services, Inc.
    CEO, Chairman of the Board, YEXT Japan
    Yasuhito Kageyama (Customer Success Promotion Adviser), Former Vice President of BearingPoint          
URL: https://plus-zero.co.jp/
Patent pending: Information processing system and virtual human resources

ABIST Company Profile

Company name: ABIST Corporation
Capital: 1,026,650,000 yen
Name of representative: Katsuhiro Shin
Business Description:
Industrial design and technology service business (contracting, engineer dispatch) (mechanical design and development, system and software development, electrical and electronic design and development, AI solutions), 3D printing business, 3D-CAD education business (education of engineers for clients, contracted 3D-CAD education for industrial universities, etc.), real estate leasing business, manufacturing and sales of beauty and health products (ABIST H&F Co., Ltd.)