Newly Established SERVICES Menu - Providing New Technologies Cultivated through Extensive Development Experience as a Higher Level of Service

Newly Established SERVICES Menu - Providing New Technologies Cultivated through Extensive Development Experience as Higher Level Services. pluszero Corporation (Head Office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; hereafter referred to as pluszero), which provides solutions, development, maintenance, and operation of various technologies such as AI and natural language processing, has newly established the SERVICES menu.

Background of the new "SERVICES" menu

 Since its establishment in 2018, pluszero has been working to solve problems as a group of professionals with diverse backgrounds working together to sincerely face customers from the perspective of management, with the vision of "expanding  the human potential..
 Up until now, we have been providing our customers with a complete range of technologies, from discovery of issues to AI development and maintenance, but we have decided to establish a new "SERVICES" menu in the belief that we will be able to provide more valuable services to more customers by offering new technologies born from our experience and tireless research and development.
 We plan to update the "SERVICES" menu as needed to provide even more value to our customers.

Introduction of "SERVICES" menu contents

<Task-Specific Services>
This section introduces the services that pluszero can provide to automate and streamline your company's internal tasks and operations.
Automates and streamlines business processes by reading documents and drawings that contain special styles.
Realize a step higher quality of response to questions and applications from customers on the website and applications.
CRM optimization
Support for optimizing site/app management and sales activities from the perspective of management.
Job Ad Check
Automatically check job advertisements for compliance with regulations.
Securely utilize personal information with technology that analyzes data while it is encrypted.
Electronic voting platform
We are building a platform to realize fair and privacy-protected election voting online.
<Research Support Services>
We provide services to support the research activities and administrative work of universities, companies, and professional organizations.
We provide annotation services (creation of teacher data for AI) mainly in the field of natural language processing.
Student Performance Evaluation System
This is a system for centrally managing student performance, and can display and output data as well as aggregate data by affiliation and attribute.

Company Profile

Company name:pluszero Corporation
Capital:100 million yen
Name of representative:Yoshiyuki Ojiro / Ryota Mori
Business Description:Provision, development, maintenance, operation, and sales of solutions that integrate various technologies such as AI, natural language processing, software, and hardware, as well as contract and consulting services related to these.
URL: https://plus-zero.co.jp/