Launched "Shepherd HR," a job-checking SaaS service that uses AI technology

pluszero Corporation (pluszero/headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, hereafter "pluszero"), a company that develops, consults and provides services using AI and natural language processing technology, has started providing the job advertisement check SaaS "Shepherd HR" service.

■About "Shepherd HR

When creating jobs ads, many companies manually check jobs to ensure compliance with industry regulations.
However, with the increase in the number of jobs in recent years, there have been problems such as not being able to check all jobs on site, resulting in jobs being published that do not comply with regulations, and delays in publishing jobs for clients due to the long lead time between job ads creation and check completion.
“Shepherd HR" is a SaaS-type service that automates the job ads checking process using AI. It uses a proprietary algorithm developed using pluszero's natural language processing technology to handle a wide variety of text expressions. By using Shepherd HR, it is possible to perform more rigorous checks while improving efficiency compared to human visual checks.

■Current check support items for Shepherd HR

Shepherd HR" can automatically check "wages", "days off", and "working hours", which are items that should be checked when creating a job ads. By early next year, the service will also support the determination of "employment discrimination", which requires contextual understanding by AI. The service will be rolled out with successive updates in the future.

■How to install "Shepherd HR”

In addition to using the standard interface, it is possible to incorporate API integration and web applications to provide services that can be used seamlessly according to the customer's situation. Please contact us for details.

■Company Profile

Company name :pluszero Inc.
Capital :100 million yen
Representative: Yoshiyuki Ojiro, Chairman and CEO / Ryota Mori, President and COO
Business Description :We provide various technologies such as AI, natural language processing, software and hardware.
Provision, development, maintenance, operation and sales of solutions that utilize integrated and consulting services related thereto
Vision :Expand the human potential.
Mission :We are innovative, to bring new possibilities into the world.
Value: Be a professional and unique.
URL : https://plus-zero.co.jp/