Announcing the World's First "Virtual Staffing" Using New Technology - Patent Application Filed Including Three Core Technologies

pluszero, a company that provides business consulting and services through AI and natural language processing, has announced the world's first "Virtual Staffing" using a new technology.

In making this announcement, we have applied for a patent for a virtual staffing that utilizes three core technologies: "Technology using PSF data," "Technology using N4 (Neo Non-loss Normalized Network)," and "Technology for paraphrasing according to the available vocabulary of the dialogue partner and the user."

In the future, we will use this technology to bring the adoption rate of AI and robots to the highest level in the world, and contribute to the realization of a society where people can specialize in more human-like activities, and a society where disposable income and disposable time increase due to increased productivity.

Virtual Staffing using the world's first new technology "Personalized Summary"

In addition to the world's first new technology, "Personalized Summarization", "Virtual Staffing" is a service that uses the core technologies of "PSF Data" and "N4 (Neo Non-loss Normalized Network)". The three core technologies are related to each other and are indispensable for the realization of "Virtual Staffing". The three core technologies will be used and are essential for the realization of "virtual staffing". "Virtual staffing" will not be tackled by us alone, but will be developed with partner companies. We will announce the details of the recruitment of partner companies on April 30 (Fri.).

About Personalized Summarization

Personalized summarization is a new technology that, for the first time in the world, paraphrases words according to the available vocabulary of the interlocutor or user. By implementing personalized summarization, we will be able to achieve level 4 of comprehension and level 4 of automation of communication.

About PSF data

PSF data is a frame database with high resolution of semantic representation. It is a collection of knowledge that includes case frames and ontology information. New information about this technology will be released in stages.

About N4 (Neo Non-loss Normalized Network)

N4 is a format that can convert input natural language into a form that can be easily applied to a variety of algorithms without losing the meaning of the input. This makes it possible to construct the best method for each task from the input natural language and execute it with high accuracy.

Company Profile

Company name:pluszero Corporation
Capital:100 million yen
Name of representative:Yoshiyuki Ojiro(Representative Director, Chairman CEO) / Ryota Mori(Representative Director, President COO)
Business Description:Provision, development, maintenance, operation, and sales of solutions that integrate various technologies such as AI, natural language processing, software, and hardware, as well as contract and consulting services related to these.
Vision:Expand the human potential.
Mission: We are innovative, to bring new possibilities into the world.
Values: Be a professional and unique.
Advisor: Eiji Uda (Product Market Fit Adviser), Former Founder and Chairman of Salesforce.com Unified Services, Inc.
    CEO, Chairman of the Board, YEXT Japan
    Yasuhito Kageyama (Customer Success Promotion Adviser), Former Vice President of BearingPoint          
URL: https://plus-zero.co.jp/
Patent pending: Information processing system and virtual human resources