Launch of "Nekonote", a data preparation service specializing in Japanese natural language processing

pluszero, a company that provides business consulting and services through AI and natural language processing, has started offering "Nekonote", a data creation service on behalf of AI to improve its accuracy, specializing in Japanese natural language processing. The service is available at

Background of "Nekonote" release

In recent years, as AI technology has been utilized in various industries, there has been a growing need to create training data (annotation data) to improve the accuracy of AI. However, in the field of natural language processing, which is technically more difficult than the image recognition field, there has been a lack of progress in the provision of outsourcing services for training data (annotation data) for AI.
To meet this need, pluszero, which is strong in the field of natural language processing, launched "Nekonote," a service that specializes in Japanese natural language processing and creates training data (annotation data) for AI.
Another issue is that the performance of AI in the field of natural language processing is currently bottlenecked by the small amount of data. Through the provision of the "Nekonote" service, we will contribute to solving this bottleneck in the industry as a whole.

Outline of the "Nekonote" service

"Nekonote" is a service for creating, annotating, and tagging Japanese text and voice as training data for AI. One of the features of this service is that it is jointly operated by pluszero, which conducts research and development of natural language processing technology, and "Minna no Micataguruupu, Minna no Shigoto Inc." In the Japanese language domain, we have realized the provision of high-quality services at a lower cost than general crowdsourcing and offshore services. In addition, because we have a scalable network of workers, we can be used for a wide range of purposes, including small-lot requests, large-scale data, and projects with short deadlines.


Supported Menu

Document data related

We classify and tag data, and create summaries, dialogs, corpus, etc.

Audio data

In addition to the same tasks as for document data, we can also transcribe.

Image data

We can create data related to images, such as handwritten characters and Japanese captions.

Data collection

We collect data such as documents, audio, and images from the web and the world.

More specialized task support

We can also handle specialized tasks such as intent slot creation and semantic annotation.


Company name:pluszero Corporation
Capital:100 million yen
Name of representative:Yoshiyuki Ojiro(Representative Director, Chairman CEO) / Ryota Mori(Representative Director, President COO)
Business Description:Provision, development, maintenance, operation, and sales of solutions that integrate various technologies such as AI, natural language processing, software, and hardware, as well as contract and consulting services related to these.
Vision:Expand the human potential.
Mission: We are innovative, to bring new possibilities into the world.
Values: Be a professional and unique.
Advisor: Eiji Uda (Product Market Fit Adviser), Former Founder and Chairman of Salesforce.com Unified Services, Inc.
    CEO, Chairman of the Board, YEXT Japan
    Yasuhito Kageyama (Customer Success Promotion Adviser), Former Vice President of BearingPoint          
URL: https://plus-zero.co.jp/
Patent pending: Information processing system and virtual human resources